Morocco is one of those countries that just intrigues and excites, it’s the kind of country that’s totally diverse, with a heap of the best places in Morocco dotted all across the country.


The medina of Essaouira oozes charm and buzzes with energy. Local markets favour a traditional way of life and the Game of Thrones-famous port sings to the hubbub of fishermen hauling in the morning’s catch.

And yet beneath the energy, a chilled vibe spreads throughout the small town. Art galleries hide down narrow side streets and cafes line shaded pavements.

After the craziness of Fez, strolling around the streets of Essaouira, stopping for sundowner drinks by the port and discovering fresh regional food, planted this seaside resort firmly in our list of top Morocco destinations to visit. 

2 – FEZ 

The Fez medina is a maze of alleyways bursting with sensory overload. An exotic labyrinth where ancient traditions captivate modern tourists. The call to prayer floats over the clatter of metalworkers bashing pots, tanners beating leather, and donkeys trotting down cobbled lanes. Intricately carved mosques and Medersas gleam against the dust and grit of a well-used city.



Life in Marrakech is lived on the street. Narrow alleyways are lined with endless rows of stallholders selling handmade lanterns, colourful embroidered fabric and tacky tourist souvenirs.

Just strolling around the central souks in the heart of the medina is an experience worth savouring. Our highlights were the edgy jewellery in Souk des Bijoutiers, craftsmen hammering out metal pots in Souk Haddadine, wool dying in Souk des Teinturiers and leather in Souk Cherratine. 


In the northern reaches of the Atlas Mountains, Aït Bouguemez is considered by many to be the most beautiful valley in Morocco. And it’s easy to believe. Shepherds and goatherders usher their flocks from one green patch to the next. Women hurry across fields, scything crops and carrying the day’s work on their backs. In the villages, the scent of Berber tagines – a recipe unchanged for centuries – wafts from clay ovens.

Village-to-village hiking in the Aït Bouguemez valley is a fantastic way to experience rural Moroccan life; a far cry from the bustling cities frequented by most tourists. Out here, the relaxed, slow pace of life entices visitors with sublime scenery, encounters with cheeky kids and some excellent hiking trails.


It’s hard to think of too many nice things to say about Imlil; little more than a roadside settlement high in the Atlas Mountains with guesthouses lining a busy thoroughfare. The purpose of being here is to use it as a base for hiking the highest point in the Atlas Mountains, Mount Toubkal.

From Imlil to basecamp, it’s a relatively straightforward 5-7 hour walk to the summit. Overnight is spent at base camp before tackling the summit the following day. Guides can be organised at Imlil for Toubkal and other walks in the area. 

Although only a short flight from Europe, Morocco is a different world. Explore medieval medinas, bustling souks, and stunning scenery with more of our Morocco guides.